How to stake vechain (VET)

Modified on Fri, 22 Dec, 2023 at 9:51 PM

Staking is the process of holding or locking up a certain amount of cryptocurrency tokens to participate in the network's operations and in return receive rewards.

The vechain blockchain is unique with its two-token system consisting of VET and VTHO. VET is used as smart money that can be used to pay for goods and services, while VTHO is used as the token needed to pay for blockchain operations, like sending a transaction.

For holding VET, you will get rewarded by earning VTHO. One of the main benefits of vechain is that you do not need to lock up your tokens, or hold a minimum amount of coins to start earning VTHO with your VET.  Just hold VET in our official wallets and you will automatically start earning rewards, that's it!

How to stake your VET

  1. Obtain VeChain (VET) tokens: You can purchase VET on various cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bitrue, and Bitvavo.

  2. Set up a VeChain wallet ( ) that supports staking: We recommend using our official wallets to store your VET. Make sure to follow the instructions on how to set up the wallet properly.

  3. Transfer your VET tokens to your wallet: You can transfer your VET tokens from the exchange to your wallet. Make sure to select the VechainThor network when transferring your coins.

  4. Thats it! VET tokens in your wallet will automatically start generating VTHO at a rate of 4.32 VTHO per 10.000 VET per day. There is no need to delegate your coins.

  5. Monitor your staking rewards: You can monitor your staking rewards through your wallet's interface. Rewards are distributed every block (10 seconds) based on the number of VET tokens you hold.

Video Guide

Some exchanges give out rewards as well for holding VET, but we always recommend moving your coins onto our official wallets.

You can calculate how much VTHO you will earn using the VTHO calculator by VechainStats

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